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Opinion on Nigeria’s Climate Change Bill

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Based on the conclusions in the last post [climate change in southwest Nigeria], the passed Nigeria’s climate change bill on the act to establish the National Climate Change Commissions aka “The Commission” appears to be a right step in the right direction. Institutionalization of the approach to tackle climate change in Nigeria is a single big and fundamental step that will organize multiple activities directed towards climate change in all sectors [private and public] within Nigeria towards the set goals.

The establishment of “The Commission” is sure a laudable step, and to a great extent re-confirms to me our potentials to rightly combat climate change. Reading through the bill, the stakeholders of “The Commission” in personal opinion appears to have been properly defined but wrongly constituted.

I personally agree with all the sectors involved as stakeholders in building and operating “The Commission” but to a great extent disagree with the intended representatives of these sectors who are “political appointees” with more than enough duties and probably without the passion that is the strongest element to achieving the desired result in this fight. Also observed from the bill to create “The Commission” is the possibility of over-constitution of the organization exposing it to the usual problem of any Nigerian government institution “bureaucracy”, informally used to describe a “very-reactive-system” in Nigeria. This alone has the potentials to work against the efficiency of “The Commission” created to tackle a natural phenomena that appears to be out of control. Moving on to the intended duties of “The Commission” as stated by the passed bill, keeping in mind the proclaimed financial state of the nation, the needed professional capacity and the Nigerian government’s non-challant attitude on building a green energy sector, my easy conclusion is that the bill to establish “The Commission” is too bogus, too ambitious, and the timeline i picture in relation to most of the duties is not realistic.

Reading the bill further to understand the possible framework of operations, the design i kept on picturing despite my effort to see beyond that is an over-centralized organization that is extremely vulnerable to politicization considering the priority given to the need to build the framework of operations around the geo-political zones, ignoring the need to build the framework around a nationwide standardized research that clearly identifies the extent of climate change and its geographic impact in order to give adequate response proactively and professionally.

In my opinion, i think its time our government realized that the fight against climate change is a different fight, a “never-seen” before fight that requires more than they are commiting into it. Its a fight that requires the proactive commitment of the whole nation, and a fight relevant enough for the nation with huge diversity to bond over. Institutionalization of climate change far from what our government is doing requires the need to engage total quality management, where passion and extreme professionalism matters and engaged, and where timeframes for several actions is strictly adhered to. The fight against climate is the fight for national survival because climate change impacts are enough to distabilize any nation on earth.

In conclusion, the bill will need to re-define the constitution of the intended climate change commission and the mode of operations clearly defined reflecting the realities on ground. The personnel of the institution should be given the right orientation that will boost their passion, and also allow their creativity as professionals.

And finally, engaging the concept of “Total-Quality-Management” won’t be a bad idea, at least it has worked in government establishments in some countries, and its quite fundamental to the operations of most private organizations now.

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Written by @SusNigeria

December 31, 2011 at 7:50 pm

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