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The environmental news we ignored!

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With my relatively short years in environmentalism while I also acknowledge my very not-extended network in environmentalism, I have read so many environmental news ignored by the mainstream media houses in Nigeria. Some of these news are very shocking while some are very confusing, when you consider how very negative the impacts of the problems reported is and the fact that only a few cares to dig deeper with foreign help most of the time. The painful part is the fact that the detailed news that reflects the passion of the writer or reporter is mostly by foreigners or published in foreign media.

Today, we will use this opportunity to bring back with dates the summary of some of the environmental news we have missed or ignored, as part of our effort to draw attention to the need to protect our environment.

On the 24th of August, 2010, I got an email from an authoritative foreign website I subscribed to, with big captions and written as title though in small letters is “remember saro-wiwa”. This news report reflected the anger of foreign environmentalists on the “outrageous” UNEP report that wanted to “exonerate” Shell over Niger-Delta Oil spills in Nigeria. This email came with other detailed documents with endorsements as authentic by authoritative foreign non-profit environmental organizations and passionate environmental consultants that obviously will never cease to fight for Nigeria while we Nigerians totally “depopularize” the need to protect the environment.

The article presented detailed analysis of what the UN report has done wrong, the suspicious Shell and UNEP relationship and what they are trying to cover-up, the potential harm the report could cause and the action they took.

Another email came in on December 23rd 2010, though very personal and more of a leaked information that exposed how Shell settled a Nigerian corruption case by paying 60 million dollars in a plea bargain to a Nigerian Anti-Corruption Agency [as reported in the email] and how they abandoned their Biofuel plantation contrary to their policies and promises of becoming a strong example in the global effort to become sustainable. As usual, this was not an issue to be agitated on as a Nigeria!

Interesting news was when Nigeria negotiated 250 million US dollars in a settlement deal to drop all charges against the United States former Vice President Dick Cheney and others over Halliburton bribery scandal. As usual investigative report on this was never carried out, and the foreign media that reported this did with a great disrespect for the Nigerian leadership.

There are several other emails similar to the summaries above on “ignored-environmental-reports”, emails that reveals the failures in social responsibilities by organization that I would not want to bore you with. But you can contact me by email or tweet @ me @SusNigeria if you will like a “forward”

The question is, when will Nigerians attach value to environmentalism and when will they realize environmentalism as a great part of our quest on quality living?

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January 5, 2012 at 11:08 am

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