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Transition to a Sustainable Economy: My Perspective

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 “It’s now clear that great nations of the future will compete based on their level of innovation and the extent of their energy independence”

Sustainable economy is a concept that is growing out of the global green revolution that appears to be the foundation of modern development plans in developed nations.

Building a sustainable economy is all about building a green economy that is more resilient to the volatile and fragile energy market in the period of uncertainties.

Building a sustainable economy is all about building new industries that will focus on the development of clean energy while Nigeria tries to meet up in this next phase of global development that will be based on new principles emerging from the new “green economics”.

The world is at the brink of this new industrial era, and from observation the green energy market has shaped out and is now expanding in value with smart nations cutting their own share out of it based on innovation and the development of super policies that helps them integrate into this emerging sector. The United Kingdom for example already controls market share worth 112Billon pounds, while the green sector employees over 900,000 people.

As the global efforts and calls to cut carbons and become more sustainable increases, this green energy market will grow significantly. Countries that take the lead in building capacities and enhancing human innovation and also able to develop adequate policies in this area will take the lead. For example Germany as a nation is considered as the expert in turbine manufacturing, Chinese considered the experts in solar energy development while other nations too are building their capacity in other areas of this emerging green energy sector.

The big lesson in all is that its time Nigeria as a nation start to remove the obstacles to innovation and start to think on how to structure this sector internally and also tap into the opportunities the sector offers externally. Nigeria is a nation of 150 million people in estimate with thousands of experts in the engineering field, experts young and enthusiastic enough to meet up with any nation of the world in this green revolution. As noted at the beginning of this short article, nations in the future will compete and grow based on their level of innovation and energy independence, and this definitely holds excellent solutions to our social problems. Involvement of Nigerian in this emerging global green sector has a lot to contribute positively in building our national image as a nation that is also ready for the future.

In conclusion, Nigeria as a nation has a lot to gain in “going-green” and a lot to gain in becoming “sustainable”.


Written by @SusNigeria

January 9, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Posted in Launch Note

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