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A Defining Request to Save the Niger-Delta!

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The community of international environmentalists has again displayed their great and deep commitment to the “long-struggle” for the Niger-Delta. The community through the IUCN group [that promotes policies and actions to harmonize the conservation of nature with the crucial socio-economic and cultural concerns of human communities] championed by Prof. Richard Steiner, University of Alaska [ret.] has petitioned the Norway Government Pension Fund recommending the organization’s full divestment and exclusion of all holdings in Royal Dutch Shell Plc. This recommendation was made based on the severe environmental and social harm Shell has done in the Niger-Delta.

This new development from the group reconfirms to me the group’s effort and commitment to give souls to societies and breathe life into the dead conscience of capitalist organizations and exploiters.

While I acknowledge that it’s a great privilege for me [representing SustainableNigeriaTM] to be part of the signatories and strong endorser of this petition, I also strongly believe that the success of this petition/request will be a great and a strong defining point to the long struggle for the Niger-Delta. This request to me is very strategic, realistic and very significant to the future where business ideas and ambitions will be balanced with conscience.

Haven read through the letter a number of times, the strong message in the note that has triggered my passion for the whole process is the “call on the Norway Government Pension Fund” to reawaken their conscience and reshape the history of this long-struggle for the Niger-Delta.

If the desired/very positive result is achieved, Norway Government Pension Fund will forever be favoured in the history of achieving a sustainable Niger-Delta.



Written by @SusNigeria

January 28, 2012 at 1:39 pm

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