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Targeted Tree Planting for CO2 sequestration

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With the growing climate change concerns, tree planting for carbon sequestration has over the years been a widely used method in CO2 offset. Tree planting is a method that has been engaged domestically and also on a large scale in Africa. Local NGOs over the years has been actively engaged in raising awareness about the importance of tree planting while several international organizations has also invested so much in forestry as a social responsibility. However tree planting cannot solve the huge problems of excess CO2, but it’s a method that can be maximized in trying to remove some of this excess gas.

The Tree Carbon Calculator [CTCC app] produced by the Centre for Urban Forest Research Station [US forest reserves] made me realize that tree planting for the purpose of carbon sequestration requires conceptualization. Tree planting by local NGOs and even some forestry projects initiated and funded by some international organizations but handled by local champions have failed because several aspects/factors were not properly considered.

Though this technology has been there and available to some of these international organizations, but the viability of some less useful trees in carbon sequestration process is another good reason to neglect the very important factors in tree planting for CO2 sequestration [wolves in sheep’s clothing]. At this point am convinced that a proper review of some of these forestry projects for CO2 sequestration in Nigeria will fail “the-test” and I will not be surprised to see that the types of trees planted in these projects are highly priced in the wood market.

To properly plant trees for the purpose of carbon sequestration, engaging CTCC app is highly recommended. This application in a very detailed way will guide the team involved in maximizing the result of their project. Haven used this application, I realized the importance calculations, and I got to realize that fighting climate change through this option of tree planting requires lots of strategies.

This application has its very extensive database of different trees, the biological details of various trees, their capabilities and how useful they are to CO2 sequestration.

To use the CTCC application [summary]

The application in summary collects initial project data that are quite simple, straight forward and not too scientific. This may include the age of trees, climatic zone of the project amongst others. The application then further requires the user to compare various trees, their scientific and unique characters and their biological capacity to sequester CO2. Under this aspect, there are hundreds of trees available for comparison. The use haven input the required information through a few clicks goes on to determine [produce a partial/raw result] the potentials of their project [through the input data] to reduce GHG emissions through tree shades and carbon storage over the years [forecast]. The partial result at this point will come with some scientific and detailed description of the result which is then transferred by the use on satisfaction to an electronic summary table for proper communication.

Though this app usage is not as simple as its briefly described above, but a very short term training is essential to maximize this free application.


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February 3, 2012 at 12:21 pm

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